My only other experience with a virtual reality headset was back when Nintendo released the VirtualBoy. I distinctly remember trying it the Price Club near my house. With its entirely red display and pixelated as hell graphics, it’s no wonder the device failed. Fast forward many, many years later and here we are in the present… Read Post

I started up a game studio with a good friend last year, and we’re set to release our first game in the next few weeks. To create hype for the new release, I wanted to create some promotional items to send out to media websites, friends and family. What started off as a sketch not… Read Post

I was the kid growing up who took everything apart and wondered how it ticked. I’ve always had an insatiable desire to figure out how something works. I remember first learning how a manual transmission worked after watching my dad drive for years and years. Once I learned about flywheels and clutches, I instantly gained… Read Post

I’m happy to announce that my site has been added to Patrick McNeil’s most recent book: “The Web designer’s Ideabook vol. 3!”  I’ve updated the site a bit over the past year, but the general look and feel remains the same. I’m listed under the Cufon section of the book. Unfortunately, I moved to webfonts… Read Post

I love to implement 3d into some of my designs. Here’s a small showcase of some recent projects.

Last year a friend and I decided to take on the gaming industry and start development on our first ever video game. Taking inspiration from Bizzare’s Geometry Wars, we took that concept of a shoot em up to a whole new level. We felt certain elements were lacking from the genre, so we introduced a… Read Post

The content team at asked me to create an infographic for their upcoming season of Survivor, entitled Survivor: Caramoan. Looking over a few important details, I researched past Survivor seasons and put together a working package of themes and visuals. Have a look and read the article, linked here. See the full image and… Read Post

I feel that if you are a web designer you should know at least the basics of html and css in order to build what you’ve designed. This way, you fundamentally understand how a site is built from the ground up and can appreciate the inner workings of front end design. I’ve had arguments that… Read Post

Cue the introduction of Jamhammer games – an incredibly stupid name a long time friend and I created while brainstorming names for our newly formed “game studio”. Why the quotes you ask? Well… It’s the beginning of what I hope to be a fruitful venture into the video game industry, one I’ve always wanted to… Read Post